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Avatar Platform

Atlas–Smart IMS and the Avatar™ IP Network Management Platform provide a cost-effective, “round-the-clock” global applications management support solution for SIP trunks, multi-vendor platform integration, and all of your IP end-points and advanced IP network applications.

Smart IMS Avatar platform offers a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for enterprise voice and data networks. The Avatar suite was built on an open source platform and integrates multiple tools with varying functionalities. It provides a panoramic view of the network and intelligently processes the events on the network to provide early trends. It can be customized to seamlessly monitor and manage networks, applications, and domains. Some of Avatar’s features include:

  • High Availability / Failover
  • Intelligent network monitoring (redundancy)
  • Multi domain friendly (Voice, video, data, systems)
  • Optimized deployment architecture
  • Customized scripts for daily health checks
  • Effective Trend Analysis – Early Warning
  • Event Correlation

From architectural vision and planning, to design, testing, certification, implementation and integration, Atlas–Smart IMS will be your single source provider for SIP and IP network communications.