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IoT as a Service

Enhance operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams.

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Smart IMS offers Internet of Things (IoT) as a Service to help organizations ingest, store and process streams of data from IoT devices and sensors enabling them to create operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams, with focus on:

  • Smart City
  • Smart Grid/Energy
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Health Monitoring
  • Analytics and Predictive Maintenance
  • Supply Chain
  • Connected Logistics
At Smart IMS, we use innovative technologies, Cognitive Analytics and a state-of-the-art IoT lab to build highly competitive and unique solutions that help transform enterprises and place them ahead of the competition. Smart IMS provides services for IoT Analytics to create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for its clients globally.

Let Smart IMS manage your IoT applications

Business Assessment

This includes analysis of current state, identification of areas of small amendments, laying out recommendations on hardware/software, detailed business process gap analysis, and plan for automation road map/software.

Strategy Definition

This includes implementing a detailed strategy roadmap towards IT & OT conversions, and detailed layers of implementation (Hardware, Hardware integration, Analytics, SaaS models, UI/UX leading to AMS).

Proof of Concept

Demonstrate business processes, build consensus around the proposed solution, scale up to prototype, evaluate and validate work, provide an environment to do testing, and scale to production.

Lifecycle Implementation

Lay the groundwork for IoT implementation, streamline and accelerate the development process, efficiently deploy, manage, and monitor applications, and testing the project and go-live leading to support.

Our capabilities

IoT Management and Security

Our IoT Center of Excellence builds blockchain and analytics solutions which addresses IoT security challenges to make it a secure and foolproof ecosystem, enabling security, sensor data, device management, network management, Smart Transportation, and cloud enablement.

IoT Consulting

We offer consulting services to help select the right devices, platform, and communication gateway to get the best out of IoT solutions.

IoT Solution Development and Implementation

This includes implementation and integration of partner products and system integration. Other services include sensor data analytics, AI & Machine Learning, mobile apps for sensor data and sensor applications cloud deployment.