Swift Trials - SIMS Clinical Suite

A Smart IMS Initiative for Life Sciences

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In the industry, Smart IMS is the only true cloud venture that provides collaboration in Clinical research between sponsors, CRO, and clinical sites by eTMF, CTMS, and ISF.

We are an IT consulting firm that offers content management, digital transformation, design innovation, enterprise application across the globe. With over two decades, we are committed to providing end-to-end content and data management, clinical trials and development, consulting, program management and, data resourcing to our clients. Companies can now easily filter system, sites, country bunker and can use simplified end-to-end applications across Health, Commercial, Clinical, Quality, Status, and Safety.

We organize content and applications accessible for clients across various departments, regions, and backgrounds. We upgrade our services to ensure customer satisfaction and accelerate their ideas and initiatives to improve their business.


  • Web-based robust: Smart IMS is constantly developing and upgrading its software which keeps succesfully delivers high end products.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Continuously monitors and optimizes the search and results creating a unique experience for everyone’s application. The BI analytics and dashboard provides status, completeness, and ongoing documentation, processes information to the users.
  • Real-time Access: Application is easily accessed through out BI analytics and dashboard which provides real-time status of the documents and trials.
  • Minimize Cost, Optimize Performance: Excellent performance with minimal updates. We personally monitor and optimize applications to ensure high performance on each device and product for better customer experience with no software to install manually.
  • Assists Local to International Companies: Our in-built applications helps local to multi-national business. Easy to access and flow of data across small to large departments and platforms, at Smart IMS we believe in customer led ideas to deliver best serve for your business.


Swift Trials - SIMS Clinical Suite
(A SmartIMS Initiative for Life Sciences)

What is Swift Trials

Swift Trials - SIMS Clinical Suite is your ‘unified solution’ for all clinical operations and clinical quality needs that helps in speeding up trial processes with the cloud solution to streamline end-to-end processes improve how sponsors, CROs, and sites work together throughout the clinical lifecycle.

Why Swift Trials

"Life sciences companies can unify clinical operations and data management with a single platform to create a single source of truth and streamline clinical trials.

It also provides rigorous usability, scalability, performance, validation, and security requirements of the life sciences industry.

It also helps in cohesive communication amongst CROs, sponsors, sites, and all other stakeholders involved."

Key Competencies

  • It provides validated and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant solution.
  • It is a single source of truth about the overall health and effectiveness of your clinical trials.
  • Easily monitor and gain complete visibility and control over all clinical processes.
  • Reduce costly delays due to data silos, human errors, and cycle times.
  • Accelerate clinical data capture with real-time centralized solution.
  • Risk Reduction Quotient.
  • Improve site/study management aligned to amendments, protocol, subject deviations.
  • Quick search and retrieve content for inspection readiness.

Core Swift Trials


Manage complete Clinical Trial Operations using the CTMS system. A centralized platform to conduct clinical research studies in research institutions across the globe. Perform trial management functions including, start-up, conduct, close-out, timelines, tracking and reporting of the study.


Manages TMF content seamlessly and accurately while maintaining inspection readiness and compliance. Manages documents in real-time to ensure a constant state of inspection readiness, increase visibility and oversight, and improve collaboration.

Who we Help

Investigators Clinical Development Regualtory
Monitors Management Quality
Sites Clinical Operations Clinical Supply.