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Salesforce Services

Implementing CRM Transformation - Enhancing Customer Experiences

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Smart IMS provides differentiating Salesforce services that span multiple areas of marketing, sales, development and support services. Our expert Salesforce team provides you with the holistic power armed to your marketing, sales, services and IT team to make them more productive and keep your customers delighted.

  • We help you with cost-effective and simple process of Salesforce implementation.
  • Our Salesforce experts have implemented implementation and support from small to large organizations across different industries.
  • Enhance The Marketing,Sales and Support To Get Maximum Customer AIDA with improved productivity and operational efficiencies of the marketing, sales and support team.

Our capabilities

Our expert team of Salesforce consultants provides top-notch implementation, integration and support services. With people, process and skills we aim at providing rapid implementation and deployment with seamless integration. For each industry, for each business case, we are always at the front row when it comes to salesforce partner services.


Transforming your current sales and marketing processes into a better future ready version with Salesforce cloud service implementation that is cost effective and easy.


We help you integrate Salesforce to multiple apps and systems seamlessly without loss of data and efficiency.


From monitoring, maintenance to upgrades, we are always on the frontline 24/7 providing best-in-class support.

Our Salesforce Services Portfolio

Sales Cloud

"Make your lead hunting and nurturing an easy and simple process implemented through the Salesforce sales cloud. We help you with an implementation that is agile and scalable to meet your organization's growing demand in a very efficient and cost-effective way. Our experienced sales cloud certified team will leverage the flexibility of Sales Cloud to take your company's sales to the next level with: - Contact and Lead Management
- Intelligent Reporting and Dashboards
- Sales Process Automation"

Marketing Cloud

With the #1 CRM of the world we help you keep your customers always delighted. Throughout the customer journey, our experts help you implement marketing processes that enhance the customer lifetime value at each stage with: - Email Marketing
- Advertising Management
- Google Marketing Platform
- Customer Journey Builder
and many more...

Service Cloud

Create best customer experiences with support that is expertly delivered, smart and available all round the clock. With workflows, automation and innovative Salesforce service cloud ecosystem empower clients with the benefits of:
- Platform Advantage
- Interactive Self Service
- AI Powered Customer Service

Development Services

Maximize your ROI with Salesforce development services that help you market your software products faster to the market. We help you manage end-to-end development activities that are robust, scalable and secure. Our development expertise covers Mobile, Blockchain, AI, Vision, Voice and Security. Empower your organization with custom-developed solutions.