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Energy and Utilities - Distribution Transformer monitoring and Meter data management

Transformer which distributes power to the users directly is an important component of the entire power distribution operation. Transformers operates under extreme conditions and requires to be maintained well to guarantee their long life. However, their life is significantly reduced due to overloading, unplanned maintenance, improper earthing and fuse connectivity resulting in unexpected failures and loss of supply to customers. Overloading and ineffective cooling of Transformers are the major causes of failure in Transformers. The current devices and system which are presently used for monitoring transformer does not provide insights about their health on a real time basis. Smart IMS from its state of the art IoT innovation lab developed and patented an IoT enabled Transformer Monitoring Solution which measures.


  1. Transformer oil temperature
  2. Fuse temperature
  3. Earthing conditions
  4. Voltages, currents in all three phases and detects overloading

Our solution is developed using various sensors which enables for

  1. Proactively tracking of asset failure
  2. Less human interaction and dependency
  3. Better maintenance schedule which prolongs the asset life
  4. Significant reduction or elimination of unplanned downtime thereby removing expensive emergency repairs and lost productivity
  5. Improved reliability and availability of assets
  6. Preventable failures
  7. Reduced inventory carry cost

Smart IMS Transformer Monitoring Solution provides

  1. Advanced Dashboards for Real time monitoring at all user level & endpoint devices
  2. Real-time 24x7 Monitoring of Transformer behavior
  3. Advanced Alert System to prevent any failure
  4. Failure reduction for better uptime
  5. Predictive Analytics As per the need
  6. Employee responsiveness improvement
  7. Escalation management and SLA implementation
  8. Expertise in IoT integration to gather accurate data