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The Client

Ameritrade Holding Corporation develops and provides innovative brokerage products and services tailored to meet the varying investing and portfolio management needs of individual investors and institutional distribution partners. It has a 28-year history of servicing self-directed investors. The Wall Street Journal, “The Cranky Consumer Column,” May 2002, named Ameritrade “Top Choice” Internet Broker.

Business Objective

In order to become more responsive to its customers and to the marketplace, Ameritrade intended transactions off of their web servers and on to Web logic Application Servers. The project was called Jaguar.

The Solution

Smart IMS played a key role in getting several critical initiatives tested and successfully implemented into production. Smart IMS’s team successfully re-organized the architecture of the website to make it more effi cient. Smart IMS also contributed to a number of other projects to provide Ameritrade customers with better features, which include the Integration of the Ameritrade site with and the Implementation of Electronic Stock Market Trade Confi rmations. Smart IMS contributed in testing the conversion of Wireless trading to the Jaguar architecture, Wireless Meta language on various browsers, real time customer account updates, Automated Cash Disbursement, electronic statements automation and electronic trade confi rmations.


This architecture improved Ameritrade’s capacity and performance and boosted Ameritrade to a top position in the industry. The company is now off ering a wider array of services to benefi t both new and existing customers. Client response to the new Web site has been exceptional. Ameritrade achieved its very ambitious goals to bring the best value possible to their valued clients. Ameritrade won the Stocks and Commodities “Reader’s Choice Award” for best online brokerage company in February 2004.