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Internet Of Things

Innovative technologies, Cognitive Analytics and the state-of-the-art IoT lab at Smart IMS helps transform enterprises and place it ahead of the competition. Smart IMS provides services for IoT Analytics to help organizations ingest, store and process streams of data from IoT devices and sensors. Our IoT Analytics solutions create operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams for SMBs and large organizations.

Our in-house built IoT Edge Platform is designed to harness the full potential of the Internet of Things and simplifies the cognitive IoT development. The IoT platform lets you connect devices and sensors to the cloud platform. Our rich library of APIs helps you connect with third party applications and social media for cognitive analytics with control data to gain insights in real-time to make timely business decisions.

At Smart IMS, you can build, launch and manage IoT applications and solutions quickly, securely and at scale.

Our IoT Offering includes:

  • IoT Management: The services pertaining to IoT Management include end to end security, sensor data, device management, network management, Smart Transportation and cloud enablement.
  • IoT Security- We understand the sensitivity of data and risks associated with the security of IoT devices, network, data and cloud. Our IoT CoE built blockchain and analytics solution to address IoT security challenges and making it a secured and fool-proof ecosystem.
  • IoT Consulting: Smart IMS has a comprehensive IoT Framework with a clearly defined roadmap that covers areas from understanding the prerequisites of business needs to the IoT development and execution strategy. We offer consulting services to select the devices, platform and communication gateway to get the best of IoT solutions.
  • IoT Solution Development and Implementation: Smart IMS service offerings in this area include implementation and integration of partner products and system integration. The other services include Sensor data analytics, AI & Machine learning, mobile apps for sensor data and sensor applications cloud deployment.

Smart IMS IoT Focus areas include:

  • Smart City – Smart cities starts with smart utilities. At Smart IMS, we enhance infrastructure and deliver smart connected solutions by deploying IoT managed services and systems in a city.
  • Smart Buildings - With IoT’s analytical and data-driven approach to building management, Smart IMS could help clients control building operations with most modern capabilities by connecting electrical, mechanical building systems and platforms together.
  • Smart Cars - By leveraging Smart IMS IoT Solutions for smart cars, we could help drivers have safe predictive, dynamic, intelligent and secure ride. Advance capabilities such as parking assistance, crash avoidance, route navigational assistance enables drivers to check availability in advance.
  • Smart Home & Offices - With the help of motion sensors, Smart IMS could facilitate real time inventory management for both home and office by optimizing operations, boost productivity and save in resources and costs.
  • Smart Highways - Our IoT solution at Smart IMS will make use of digital sensor to acquire data of landslide, accidents traffic jams and weather condition and that will be displayed on the connected vehicles system to help travelers have better alternatives to driving.
  • Health Monitoring and preventive care - Smart IMS focus on healthcare paved way for a key change by developing a remote monitoring and alerting system that can track, locate, monitor and identify patient's ability.
  • Analytics & Predictive Maintenance - By operational decision-making process created in business transformation, analytics are arguably the primary aspect of IoT and are essential to the success of its systems. At Smart IMS, we use the right tools that are inclusive of key features such as:
    1. Analytics and Reporting
    2. Event notifications and alerts
    3. Real time visualizations
    4. Central device dashboards/customer portals
    5. Blockchain Solutions
  • Connected Machines and Connected People – Smart IMS with team of analytics experts and developers could build a customized machine learning algorithm to predict machine failures and could identify the root cause through an automated monitoring system helping solve multiple problems in machines.
  • IoT Security - Secure provisioning of devices, data protection in the Cloud and secure connectivity between the Cloud and devices are necessary for ensuring efficient IoT solutions. While enabling manufacturers of devices, deployment specialists, solution developers and IoT operators to develop best security practices across the ecosystem, Smart IMS helps securely provision devices to protect data integrity. Security is the top priority at Smart IMS and it leverages Blockchain to build IoT solutions and maintain a list of cryptographically secured data records protected against updates and any alterations. The adoption of Blockchain is an indicator to incredible potential in the IoT space and within the organizations.
  • Connected Logistics - Right from warehousing and transportation to the final delivery, Smart IMS helps clients connected logistics not only monitors the entire supply chain but also enhances operational productivity and improves safety measures.
  • Supply Chain - Real time tracking of parts and raw materials by Smart IMS helps enterprises with pre-empt issues and adds flexibility to address demand fluctuations at the manufacturer stage.

The Smart IMS IoT lab is the hub for ground breaking IoT solutions, IoT platform services, security solutions and services. The research and development expertise are engaged in developing IoT security solutions using advanced technology and analytics platform that provides robust and elastic solutions meeting your specific business requirements irrespective of the size of your enterprise.